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Thank God for PartitionMagic

Posted by David Leslie on December 31, 1969

Thursday, May 25, 2006

11:52 PM

Jay was able to lend me his copy and within an hour I had XP installing on the box. Also special thanks to those sites that offered up the Award BIOS factory password since that was the only way I could get in to reset the password.



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Well it wasn’t a total loss…yet

Posted by David Leslie on December 31, 1969

Right now I’m going on my 4th hour of trying to reinstall XP Pro on a 6 year old PowerSpec. In reality, I should be updating the service packs by now but we’re not even to the OS yet. Why? Well I nuked the boot partition since it had a mangled dual boot of XP Pro and Win2K crashing into each other. That’s when the fun began. See, when I threw in the XP disc, it couldn’t find a fixed disk. No big deal, just reset the fixed disk in BIOS. Except that BIOS is password protected. Did I mention that this is a hand-me-down box? In one fail swoop I’m locked out of the disk utilities to reset the boot drive back to floppy as well as check to see that the drive is in the boot order. Needless to say I’m not happy which is a bummer since it wasn’t a bad day given:

  1. I’m getting Windows XP Pro on my rig at work <yeah>
  2. I won the “Il Buono e il Brutto” poster from the folks at Campari USA . Pardon the pun but the devil looks hot. I was torn since “Le Stella Grande” was also a great shot.
  3. I got to talk with Maria Cherrie from Trinidad & Tobago National Library and Information System Authority who is visiting as part of the IFLA fellows program.
  4. I got my Ethnic Food experience schedule for the rest of the year hammered out.
  5. Harold won Top Chef. This was expected but I had to feel for Tiffani. Her post ‘pack your knives and leave’ interview had her breaking down when she spoke of how much she needed the money. It also didn’t help that her sous-chefs, fan fav Dave and bad boy Stephen were in judge Tom Colicchio’s words “plastered” while working for Tiffani. Given how much Dave couldn’t stand her, I can’t help but feel that bro drove a knife in her back. It also didn’t help that they along with Harold’s sous Lee Ann and Miguel all felt Harold was the Top Chef.

Well it’s off to bed….

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