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Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson


Posted by David Leslie on March 18, 2004

Funniest show I’ve seen on a network in years. Jayne works at a gift shop at Niagara Falls. She’s a cynic and strives to disappoint her very successful family. But she has a problem, things like a deformed wax lion are now talking to her and urging her to get involved in people’s lives.

Exchange of the night:
(the setting, Jayne is driving, her sister Sharon is in the back seat. Sharon has just come out of the closet after Jayne (who hates her) tried to set her up on a blind date with a guy.. who by the way is also in the back seat struggling to breath after eating peanuts. Yes their taking him to the hospital.

Also the reason she tried to set them up was that the deformed wax lion kept her up all night singing until Jayne ‘finds a mate’ for the guy who’s gasping for air in the back)

Jaye: Your Gay?
Sharon: Yes
Jaye: Does Mom know?
Sharon: No, she’d unwind
Jaye: Can I tell her?

FOX Broadcasting Company: WONDERFALLS


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