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Posted by David Leslie on March 31, 2004

Oh that must have been a fun meeting. It’s sad that while NPR tries to figure out the grant from Mrs. Krock, the member stations are suffering the backlash the timing of this move has caused.

I mean, I stopped giving to my station, WCBE, since it’s broadcast license is held by the cash strapped and missmanaged Columbus Board of Education. They have cut ‘CBE’s budget to nothing (which I can understand) but as the holder of the broadcast rights for that FM signal, they could just up and sell it without any imput from me since I live in Gahanna (about 3 miles from the Columbus line).

Stormy days for NPR: ” Kernis and Edwards have known each other since both were in their 20s, building the collaborative intimacy the studio fosters; Kernis was Edwards producer when Morning Edition was just starting in 1979.

That long history adds poignancy to Kernis role as the one who decided Edwards� fate.

Kernis stressed how he’s been long devoted to Edwards. Edwards speaks of Kernis as his former producer, pushing me to try things I didn’t want to do. A picture of the men together in the old days hangs in Edwards’ office. Yet, recalling the meeting that marked the end as public radio’s leading morning presence, Edwards said: “You don’t do this to your friend.”

“He may be right, he may be right, Kernis said, his voice trailing off. But I still have enormous affection for him.”

Asked if this was a painful thing for him to do, Kernis said: “I can tell you it was difficult.”

“Oh, great, said Edwards, with his typical wry wit. “He got the difficulty and I got the pain. Wanna trade ? “


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