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Posted by David Leslie on May 5, 2004

Last blog entry of the night.. Really.

After 6 weeks slaving in the class with the homework assignments from Hell, I thought my stress level would go down just a wee bit… So I thought wrong. John picked up an ear infection a day after his trip to the ER after he fell and whacked his mouth on Grandma Willamson’s door. Kid turns one and falls apart on us. Dr. Sara hooked him up with the antis to cover the ear and to prevent something from forming in the mouth.

Also I found out my brother-in-law got popped from his gig out in MD. They had been talking about maybe heading back to Cleveland but Bob had both the gig and strong ties to the DC area which had kept them there. But with another little one on the way and no gig, it’s going to be tough since his family is 3 hours away, Virginia’s family is almost 8 and the cost of living sucks. Hope his passes his cert test since that will give him some marketability.

As for me, the class with the homework from Hell is over and I’m looking forward to my graphical communication class this summer which should be cake given I know at least one of the programs (preventing) that we’re covering. I was going to treat myself for getting an A even while going out of town 2 of the six weeks to getting the DVD’s from season 1 of “The Protectors” but the biding got too high and I while I was in a position to pull the trigger, I just couldn’t given our budget is tight and Mother’s Day is coming up. So while Jean went to put John down for bed, I ran up to ComicTown at Easton to pick up my monthly haul of comics. The results were grim:

Previews catalog of upcoming comics: OUT

Powers – Law and Order except the Cops investigate superhero on super villain crime: OUT

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – 1/3 James Bond 1/3 Advengers 1/3 Austin Powers: OUT

Bite Club – Vampires who run the Miami mob: Last copy. But the good news is that it came with a free poly bag and board

I was going to run to the library and pick up a book on teaching John sign language to help him communicate before he can talk but I got yipping with the manager at ComicTown about Bendis moving to Marvel’s new creator owned line this summer.

I had a creepy dream on Sunday night. The thing that might have set it off was watching a special on child actors and how in many cases their parents spent all of their money. One guy’s folks put his sister thru college yet it was his money. Jean asked if this felt like my family. So that night I dreamed that I had thrown a big party at the Ohio Theater with food and an open bar. My parents along with my sister Ann and her Husband Doug came and invited all of their friend despite this being just for family. My Dad wasn’t feeling good and left (kinda like at my rehearsal dinner) and my Mom was about to leave when I got the check for $28K. Now I knew I had $10K in the bank (how I got these numbers I don’t know) but my Mom started telling me things like ‘Well, you should take care of this” and “You should have not invited so many people” I couldn’t say what I was feeling.. Like “I didn’t invite them, you did” I woke up midway thru drinking a martini that tasted like GatorAid (remember I have a tiki bar but don’t drink). Quick someone go get Sigund!

Last but no least work. My plan to use Wiki died a quick death. First was the harsh assestment from the Doco folks who of course saw it as a threat to all they hold near and dear. My boss liked the idea but since throwing it into our doc control system kills about, oh say, 99% of Wiki’s strengths, she couldn’t see upper management wanting to look at it. The Excel spreadsheet is looking most promising but I’m not holding my breath on this. No wonder I feel like my career is at a dead end.


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