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Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux on The Movies

Posted by David Leslie on May 11, 2004

I’ve always been a fan of Peter’s ideas. I’ve always wanted to do a research paper where I would survey a subject’s faith and value systems and then would have them play Lionhead’s Black and White to see what kind of a God they would be then compare the results.

Fable is another game that challenges the player’s value systems in that as you play the game, your actions do have consequence later in the game.

But with “The Movies” Peter has managed to blend into one game three different elements. A character based sim game, a business based sim game and an interactive movie maker. Now blended games tend to be weak since just trying to pull off one of the elements above is tough. However, this is Lionhead and if any develper understands their gamer, its them. So this game will be great just because they won’t ship unless it is.

Check out the trailer @ IGN

PC: Lionhead’s Peter Molyneux on The Movies


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