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Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson


Posted by David Leslie on May 11, 2004

Tonight’s game was bitter sweet.

Sweet in the sense that I hit the ball really well. Part of this was due to my former high school coach pitching for the other team (I hadn’t seen Tom in almost 13 years) and kept giving me nice pitches on the inside for me to drive. The other part is that I did some of the stretches that Amy taught me and that really helped me feel good turning on the ball.

The bitter part was that we lost. We had chances but you can’t go 4 innings without scoring and hope to win against a good team. Also one of our better players was having a rough day and just wasn’t himself.

Afterwards the team hit the sponsor’s joint BW for brew (Sprite in my case) and wings and talked about how we need to score more runs. I was happy in that I hit well and that the team did have a good game for the most part. I’m learning to enjoy the trip as much as the destination.

I did have a bit of a spook before the game in that when I was changing John, I noticed little pinhead size dots on his chest and back. Given that he’s on ampicillin and I’m allergic to anything with cillin in its name, I was worried that he was having a reaction. Come to find out it was a normal side effect and that we shouldn’t worry unless he broke out with hive like rashes. I thank God it was nothing more than a side effect.


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