The Eclectic

Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson


Posted by David Leslie on May 16, 2004

By the time I got to church this morning the practice for worship ws already over. I did go over the transition for the childerns message from PP to a DVD which will help make it look smoother. The DVD is for a song called Superhero. It’s the kinda thing that makes me cringe. Very bad CGI charatacters and lryics that come off as smug. Yet a few parts had as a backdrop the artwork of Alex Ross as a background. Given Alex’s background with his Dad being a preacher, I wonder if he gave them clearance but I’m not sure DC would and most of the images were from Kingdom Come.

I also talked to one of the guys about Islam. He didn’t seem to get the fact that we have gun toting radicals in Christianity who do evil under the banner of God who are just as nasty as those who claim to follow the teachings of the Koran. I need to get off my duff and post up my notes like I said I would.


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