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Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson

The time darning power of the web

Posted by David Leslie on May 18, 2004

It was for the most part an uneventful day at casa de Leslie. Sure we had a rude wake up in the form of John rolling off our bed after we brought him in with us when he woke up at 5 am screaming as he does most mornings. The fall managed to scare all of us but thankfully John was unhurt.

I sent out an All Staff email for work about corporate challenge softball. Result: 3 responders. Not looking good. Also set up a team
management website

After dinner, we ran up to Wal Mart to return some of the gifts John got for his birthday. Right now the little guy has more toys than he know what to do with. Along with that I also returned some shorts that were the wrong color. I should say here that I need to put $21 in John’s account since that’s how much his returned gifts were worth.

Walking into the Easton Wal Mart is always a bit unnerving for me since I always half expect to run into my Mom or my sister and brother-in-law. Part of the fear is how such a meeting would go down. Would they ignore me or say something backhanded as they walked by? Would they want to tell me off and cause a scene?

With Jean with me I have some degree of safety since she’d be more than willing to dish out anything they would try and throw at me. It’s when I’m alone that I worry about getting bullied or shutting down while I get hammered with guilt.

While we didn’t run into them (its been over a year since we last saw them)I still don’t quite know the answer to what I would say to them if I would see them.

We did some shopping where I picked up egg beaters southwestern for my breakfast, tape for my weighted bat, a minor so we can see John and a replacement for the cell phone clip I broke. Towards the end munchies got to me and I grabbed a jar of Southwester spicy hot snack mix and some smoked almonds plus Oreo ice cream. This was stress getting to me.

Got home and put John to bed.. Here is where the title comes from. I started working on my Freud site for school. I started about 11 and got done around 1 but I felt like I hadn’t really done anything.


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