The Eclectic

Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson

Workout 5/21/2004

Posted by David Leslie on May 21, 2004

Pre-workout Notes:
Amy sent me an email with my workout plan for the day since she got called
to a meeting and won’t be able to keep the appointment. Today’s joy will be

hit some racquetball shots
5 min stationary bike
Bicep curls 3×12
Push ups 3×12
Tricep pushdown 3×12
Crunch 3×12
Leg raise 3×12
15 minutes stationary bike

Post-workout Notes:
Arms feel weak yet again after today’s workout. But my recovery time appears
to be doing better since I’m not as shaky afterwards.

Anthony Moore and Jordan Rusher stopped by my cube which was a nice
surprise. Anthony just landed a 10 week internship at NASA Langley working
on a database after getting his degree. Jordan is finishing up an internship
with one group here and will be working for the Dewey group starting in
July. Hope things go well for both of them.


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