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Workout 5/26/04

Posted by David Leslie on May 26, 2004

Pre Workout notes:
Took a generic Aleve last night which has been helping the knees some but their still tender to certain movements. I told Amy about my Doctor’s visit so she adjusted today’s ab and leg workout to not put so much stress on the knee.

5 min stationary bike
Bench squat 20 no weight
15 crunches
Bent over delta rises 12
Bench Squat 15 no weight
15 crunches
Bent over delta rises 12
Supine leg curls 12
Knee lifts 10
Supine leg curls 10
Knee lifts 8
Pull down 12
Pull down with reverse grip 12
12:34 min stationary bike

Post Workout notes:
The Supine leg curls just flat out kill. Back of the knee and the hamstring were ablaze while I tried to keep my heals on the ball as I pulled it in. Amy tells me in time I can move my hands in to work the abs but for now their out reaching as far as I can in an attempt to keep the ball centered.

My hamstring cramped up into the bike so I opted to stop. I’ll take John for a walk to make up for the lost time if it doesn’t rain.


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