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Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson

Random Notes from the Memorial Weekend

Posted by David Leslie on June 1, 2004

– Headed up to Marble Head to visit my Aunt and Uncle, my cousins and their new boat which they have docked at Bay Point just across from Cedar Point. We didn’t get to take the boat out since my Aunt’s eye is still bugging her but my Uncle, Ally and I went out for most of the day on the See doo’s which were addicting once I got comfortable with skipping along the water at over 40 knots. My arms were dead from the vibation plus the action of pushing and pulling the controls as the water got choppy. While it was chilly, I didn’t get cold until I got splashed by a wave on the way back to the Harbor from one of the private islands near by. That island (name I can’t recall) had some of the most interesting homes I’ve seen in a long time.
John wore a life vest the whole time which was cute since it broke his fall when he would stumble.

– Sunday we just sat around

– Monday we hit the Utica Ice Cream Festive at the Velvet Ice Cream Factory and Mill. What started to look like a crapy rainy day was quite nice as we had lunch at the Mill and let John feed the goats.


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