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Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson – MLB – Fair shake for 4-year-old: Trove of souvenirs

Posted by David Leslie on June 17, 2004

People lose their freaking minds when a foul ball heads their way. The worse I saw was when a ball was fouled back and some shumck tried to catch the ball, which was going about 90, only to bail at the last moment allowing it to clock the kid behind him who was sitting down and never saw it because bro blocked his vision.

Another classic was when a kid had gotten up with his Mom to go under the stands. Their seats were in the 3rd row from the diamond and should have waited for a stop in play rather than get up in the middle of an at bat. A line drive foul ball drilled him just under the ribs with such a force that one of the players said he thought the kid

At least the kid in this story got some love. As for the dude who clocked him, said to be a former youth pastor, hope it was worth it. – MLB – Fair shake for 4-year-old: Trove of souvenirs


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