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400 + magazines

Posted by David Leslie on June 21, 2004

Yesterday I pulled out most (90%) of all the magazines I own and with Jean’s help, sorted them by title, bundled and counted them to be sold. Without counting the top two titles held (Entertainment Weekly and Sports Illustrated) I had over 400 magazines. SI is well over 100 and EW would be close. So in fact it’s closer to 600.

Magazines were the one thing I kept more than anything else. It was almost compulsive in the fact I would keep them in piles in both my room and in the basement when I lived with my parents. Never really sorted but in piles that only I knew.

Once while I was at school my Dad ‘helped’ me by gutting half of my collection while I was at Columbus State for class. I remember feeling violated but there was nothing I could do. He was my Dad and I was living under his roof. I took comfort in the fact he didn’t get them all pitched had I stopped off on the way home.

Now I look at the piles with guilt. For being such a pack rat. For placing such importance in something so temporary as to haul them around, some as long as 20 years. For spending so much money on them at a time when I had little to spend and when now I’ll get little if any for them.

I’m going to post the list online sometime this week


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