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Culture shock of the cable box

Posted by David Leslie on June 29, 2004

In an effort to cut back on our budget as much as possible, I switched our cable service from TimeWarner to WideOpenWest this weekend. The upside is that WOW’s digital cable is cheaper and offers all of the Starz channels in addition to extra Nick channels and Telemundo. The downside is that the channels are all over the freaking place. Forget the fact that we had our favs pretty much memorized from the TW lineup but you need the interactive guide to even have a hope of finding anything since the lineup doesn’t come in logical blocks. For example, Starz! is next to ESPN News on WOW. Also I had to drop RoadRunner which runs at a blazing 1.5 mbps vs.. The 500bps that I’ve got with WOW. I could jump to the 2 Mbps plan but that would nuke the cost savings. I’m going to give it a month and if it doesn’t improve, I’ll call TW back out.

BTW: For just $60, WOW ran the line to my attic with two outlets coming out of the cealing for my soon to be wall mounted TVs.


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