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Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson

Notes from the weekend so far

Posted by David Leslie on July 17, 2004

  • Corporate Challenge Softball tournament got washed out by today’s rains killing Pete Insabella’s hopes of ever being a weather forcaster. The upside is that we get a few more workouts in a as team. Downside.. Well there is making sure who we have committed can make the rain date, then there is the gorilla in the room, what to do about those players who bailed but who are now available? Do you offer them a slot and bench someone who was coming out? Do you roll with who you have an not take the opourtuity to impove the team? I tend to lean with roll what I have. I’m also kinda bummed about not getting this in since this means more work for me arranging practices while trying to get my own workouts in and playing fall ball.
  • Went to a birthday party for Sammy Longo, who is 4 years old. I was talking with her Dad Angelo and asked if he played softball since Rick is getting up a fall team and we might need someone. He said yes and added that he has a DeMarini. If anything indicated that he’s played some ball, it’s the fact that he’s carrying a DeMarini in the bag. I was always on the fence with how much difference the DeMarini had vs other high end bats from Easton and Louisville Slugger. Sure I’ve seen balls carry farther when they were hit with one but everytime I tried to swing one I just couldn’t tell the difference between what I’ve been using (a Nike Bataboom) and the D until I hit a 26oz 34 in. Vexxum this year. The Ball just jumped off that stick with for me was a slow swing. Lord knows I’ve could have gone yard had I got into it. Made me very temped to try and snag one when they change models in the spring. Still it’s hard for me to drop over $200 bones for a bat.
  • Got an invite to my niece’s birthday party. Given that I haven’t seen her, ever, I was kinda surpised. I mean I haven’t talked to my Mom, Sister or Brother-in-Law since my BiL go into me over the whole money issue after my Dad’s passing. Needless to say, we’ll send a gift but not attend. Still too much junk inside of me on this and I’m not at a point to be the one to reach out. I did have a dream that we managed to patch things up but even if we did, they would have to make the first move.

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