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End of the season

Posted by David Leslie on July 21, 2004

Last night marked the official end of the softball season for the Buffalo Wild Wings team.
In our 4th meeting of the season with the Master Batters, we got pounded. Everything they hit found a gap. Everything we hit found a glove. By the time the ball cleared the fence for their grand slam that was apart of an 11 run inning, we as a team, were done.
Me, about the only highlight of the day was a triple I hit to lead off the 4th. My first at bat I got on top of a ball that I should have drove into next month which became a line drive out to the first baseman. The triple was in part thanks to the left fielder moving way in and giving me the line. The 2nd pitch I was able to drop step and drive it over his head. It also helped that I think the guy in left is an asshole so I wanted to burn him.  For the record I would like to note that I used Bill Miller’s 26oz Milken Freak. That stick had a nice feel to it. 
It was a disappointing year for the most part but I did have fun playing. The team never quite jellied and we struggled to get the same guys out week after week. We also had a skill level issue vs the rest of the league. While we could compete if we had folks there, we just had too much inconstancy on who would be there from week to week. In a men’s rec league, this would not be a big deal. But in a men’s open league in a place like Westerville, it’s a great way to get beat and beat bad.

Still I want to tee it up for fall ball. To do that, I’m going to need the following items for which I’ll be hunting the closeout bins for at the local sports megamarts:

  1. Cleats. I have blown out my Adadis on both sides. Not bad after almost 5 years of heavy use. I’m thinking Nike MCS Slams would be a nice replacement.
  2. Bat bag. Zipper is almost blown and there’s a hole from what looks like a mouse. Given that it’s over 12 years old, it’s due.

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