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The Weebel has Pissed Me Off

Posted by David Leslie on July 22, 2004

The Weebel has done it..
She has pissed me off for the last time.
Allow me to back track. The Weebel is the woman who runs the cash register at the cafe in my building. Rather, she sits on her milk crate throne and bitches about everything. Too big of a bill to pay for your lunch? Weebel bitches. Pay with too much in coin, Weebel bitches. Make the Weebel get off the milk crate throne..Bitch.
When the Weebel needs something from one of the staff in the back, she yells. If they fail to answer then she’ll hobble the whopping 5 step from the throne to the grill, bitching with each step. See the Weebel has every known aliment known to man yet all it does is give her even more fodder to bitch about. I’m now convinced that Death is afrade of the Weebel.
So what did she do earn my scorn?
Lunch time today
I go for the chicken tortilla soup 95 cents a bowl. I have $1
The “to go” bowls are gone so I use an “eat in” bowl.
Weebel gives me the total of $1.02 having charged me the “eat in” tax on the item. Rather than agruge with the Weebel I agree to pay but ..
I say “Sorry but I just have a dollar.”
Weebel stares
Now I was expecting “Don’t worry about it” or “Get me next time” especial after I paid the Weebel last week for a Sprite fountain drink that she thought was water. I mean, I told her after she gave me the total and I even had to show her the bubbles to prove it wasn’t water!
I say “I’ve got change at my desk. I can bring it down later.”
Weeble huffs with an exhale “Just get it here by 3”
Me “Thanks”
Weeble “mumble mumble Jesus Christ mumble mumble”

Over 2 Lincoln, 2 copper brothers, 2 pennies. You’ve got to be kidding me.

Oh the Weebel is going to get her 2 freaking cents. And that it.. I’m never giving the Weebel a cent… ever. Not like I’m a big spender in the cafe but I’ll walk across campus to the other cafe before I put any money in the Weebel’s palm.


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