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Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson

Weekend wrap up

Posted by David Leslie on July 25, 2004

Almost a total waste of a day. I had opted not to go out with Jean, Patty and Jay so that I could work on some screen grabs for my group’s preventing presentation. The plan was I would watch John, put him down for bed then get to work. Jean could have a nice dinner with her sister and brother-in-law while I pounded out my homework.

Things went south about an hour into Mama walking out the door. First, my copy of PhotoShop Elements had expired. Granted I have the full 7.01 version of ‘da shop’ but I need the grabs since the class is working with PS Elements. I did have a copy still valid on my work machine but that meant trugging 40 min round trip to do something that would take 10.
Next, John woke up. While I was able to get him back down, he wasn’t in that good deep sleep. This meant when Jean got home. Boy was up.. and When he’s up..he’s up. Kid didn’t go back down til 1 am.

A great day to play golf.. Except I’m going to work to do homework. Get the homework done and sent to my team, stop at the library to pick up my copy of the Complete Peanuts 1950-1952 (stunning collection and a must buy) and then to Meijers to grab supplies for the Mom’s Club picnic (three boxes of shells and cheese, 1 gallon of milk and a plastic tray)

The park for the picnic was another of Gahanna’s hidden gems. It had a nice play area, a lake, shelter house, softball and baseball diamonds. It also had a set of railroad tie steps going up a hill that John fell face first into while I was watching him. Man did I feel guilty. The damage to the little man was a cut chin, scraped lip and some bleeding from the mouth. We had a good time eating with the Maxwell’s and talking about different things like the Tiki party they went to and different forms of fighting arts. I just hope I didn’t talk their ears off.

Went to the  zoo after Jean had gone to church (John and I slept in after he was up again). A nice lunch and it was off to the petting zoo where John got to take his first pony ride. We also hit the merry-go-round before heading home since I had a showing to attend in Delaware for a co-worker who had lost his wife in a car accident while on a family vacation in California.  I had never been to something like this before…where the lost was instant. So I struggled to find words and just didn’t try when it was my turn to meet with the family.

On the way to Delaware is my Dad’s grave at Kingwood. I haven’t been there since he was laid to rest there in Dec 2002. I stopped on the way home. No real reason other than to see if the stone was there. I didn’t even get out of the car. I did stop and have one White Castle for Dad on the way home.


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