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Weekend Wrap up

Posted by David Leslie on August 22, 2004

Friday: Took the day off from work since Jean and I are still trying to get John back on something resembling a normal sleep cycle. It didn’t help our efforts when the thunderstorms rolled in waking John up at 4 am and sending Cloe into her usual thunderstorm panic.

My plan was to call off, sleep in and then try to get boy back on his schedule. What in fact happened was that I remember my monthly status report was due at noon. So I worked on the report, sent it to my boss and then heard John on the baby monitor. Boy didn’t nap until almost 4 which meant Dad had to forgo his nap or risk staying up all night. Jean headed out with some friends to see Garden State. She really enjoyed it plus it was good for her to get our with her friends and not worry about boy.

Saturday: Worked with Jean to get the shelfs we had been talking about up in the office. Its quite nice and wasn’t all that hard. We were to have gone to a cook out but John’s still got scabs from the hand, foot and mouth so we didn’t really want him around other kids.

We also got a new Cuisinart SPB-7 blender to replace our old one and broke it out by mixing milkshakes after dinner.. Dinner was at the new BD’s Mongolian BBQ at Easton (complete with faux flame on the roof) with Patty and Jay. I was bummed that BD’ is going the route on Genghis Grill by replacing the oil and sauce added in the bowl to just adding the sauce in a cup with the oil and sauce then added by the cook on the grill. I also saw a great jacket at Jos A Banks, just hope they can kind it in XXL.

During milkshakes, Patty gave us a run down of her presentation to a client that coming up. She knows her stuff and she’ll do a great job with it.

Sunday: While we were up late with Patty’s talk, it wasn’t wake up at noon late which was the case for me and the boy. So after breakfast and a quick bath I played with John until nap time and then headed to the Wendy’s Championship for Children over at Tartan Fields. See at the Ohio State Fair last week, I had one a free any day pass to the event at a putting contest. Why were we at the Fair on the last day? We were shopping, with a list even. Certain fair only products are not junk but soiled stuff. Our list was for

  • a Sweepa Rubber Broom. The new one has a bigger head and there great on pet hair. For the price of 1 we got the new bigger head, old head and the dog brush
  • Something new professional jewelry cleaner: 1-800-434-7889 So good we give it as a gift
  • PVA Super Mop: The last one went 7 years before it gave up the ghost.

OK, so back to the golf. I wanted to see Michelle Wei the 14 year old from Hawaii’. I got out there just in time to watch her play number 18. A few things.

  1. She hits the ball a ton
  2. She looks like a 24 year old out there, not a 14 year old

I stood in the landing zone for 18 most of the day. Almost got hit by Lorie Kane‘s 2nd shot from 18 fairway bunker. Watch 5 balls go in the water. Talked to a member of Scarlet and Gray who was telling me as Meg Mallon walked up how he remembered her as a freshman at OSU. Saw a very pregnant finish 18 Nancy Scranton as she tied for 4th. Amazing given they played 2 rounds on Saturday. Plus watched as the ESPN camera crew realized that their volunteer runner left a camera battery next to a tree on 14 when they needed it.

Walking back to the car I overhead one of the ESPN guys on his cell phone talk about how Wei was flying back to Hawaii and she was bummed that school starts for her on Thursday. Must be tough to jump that flight for 10 hours just to go back to high school, even if its in Hawaii.

May I mention that Tartan Fields is not the best set up for an event like this. You park in a field, walk to a gate, then walk from the gate for about a block past the still open swimming pool before getting to the clubhouse. Well off to bed.


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