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Posted by David Leslie on August 24, 2004

– Ok, the anon comment on the RSS post from this morning..that was me. I was demo’ing the comment feature to one of our project managers who is interested in using a blog.

As for the idea, sure you would have to have a feed for each library card in the system thus a url for each card which could be a security issue. My work around for this would be to have the feature as an opt in with the understanding that your information could get picked up by someone else.

Yet you could sell even this as a feature. Parents can track what is on their kid’s cards for example…

– Picked up the bike from the folks at bicycle one tonight and in the process picked up another bike that we had fitted for Jean. Its a hybrid Trek 7100. Three reasons for this pick up
1. My Gary Fisher Marlin to built for riding on mountains. Riding on streets while towing a baby trailer it stinks.
2. Jean needed a taller frame
3. It has a nice comfortable seat in addition to the fact you ride it at a comfortable 45 degree angle rather than bent over the frame.

– I had to kill a big spider that over the course of 12 hours had almost 1/3 of our patio door covered with a web. We are now looking into bringing in a professional to get medieval on our bug problem.


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