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Godot Aria Mubie M4150 (128MB) – MP3 players – CNET Reviews

Posted by David Leslie on September 29, 2004

You just have to look at this thing and then read the review about where the USB cable is located..

Godot Aria Mubie M4150 (128MB) – MP3 players – CNET Reviews


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What I’ve been up to?

Posted by David Leslie on September 29, 2004

Few quickie things I’ve been doing of late before hitting the hay:

  1. Afterwork bike rides to feed the ducks at Creekside with Jean and John
  2. Reading tons of graphic novels thanks to the folks at the CML
  3. Watching TONS of Boomerang from Cartoon Network now that TW has picked up the feed. I’ll post more about this channle later..
  4. Pimping RSS and open source CMS to anyone who’ll listen
  5. Got the new to us freezer set up in our basement
  6. Cleaned the basement
  7. Started back on the path towards having a healther view of God
  8. Getting into the Firefox browser
  9. Got rid of the hot tub (thanks Levi)
  10. Trying to find a replacement for my John Kerry sign since mine got boosted 36 hours after I put it up.

As for 8, I’m going to try and get downtown to see John Edwards speak after the debate. I hope Jean and John can come and I really want to find a sign that reads “Christians for Kerry” If not that then I want this license plate holder ASAP

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Danger Girl with Batman

Posted by David Leslie on September 29, 2004

Coool is all I’ve got to say…
Comics Continuum

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Bike rides and ducks

Posted by David Leslie on September 21, 2004

The last two nights Jean, John and myself have headed out either before or after dinner to ride our bikes (except for John who rides in the bike trailer) either to Woodside Green park or to Creekside and feed the ducks. I love how the ducks will flap their wings while sking with their feet across the water when you start to feed them.

The air is just warm enough not to be hot but not too cold when you’re going fast down a hill. Woodside Green is the future of the two parks both in distance but also in the challenge given that the ride back is mostly uphill. Creekside is closer but the new trail from the Gahanna Municipal Golf Course is mostly wooded so it gets darker faster. Yet the ducks are so used to people that they’ll walk up and take the bread from your hand. Speaking of bread, I need to pick some duck pellets to give the ducks something better to eat.

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Sky Captain and other weekend notes

Posted by David Leslie on September 20, 2004

Headed down to the Gahanna Flea Market this afternoon. Its kind of a community garage sale with food vendors with a few craft / home shopping parties reps and local folks running for office thrown in. I talk with David Goodman who is running for county commissioner plus Deb Price of City Council and Marlene Eader from the School Board.

Jay and I took in Sky Captain at the Arena Grand. Loved it. I was however bumbed about a few things.
1. They moved it into the smaller theater to make room for the Columbus Out Awards
2. For the first 25 minutes and for all of the previews, the projection was off.

I did run into Rich from the CompuServe Forum team and talked a little bit after the flick. I also got a cool Sky Captain comic which featured some of the production sketches. I bought one on eBay for $2.99 (with shipping) with a media kit DVD just in case I didn’t get my movie passes.

Once we got out, a few of the folks there for the Out awards were there…including a 6 ft 4 drag queen in heals. I had never seen anyone that tall in heals before.

Anyhow, go see this flick. And when you do, don’t check the brain at the door and grab some popcorn. Get in the wayback machine, set it for a Saturday in 1933. This way you can enjoy the plup without your modern bias.

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I think Mavin Hagler is Smiling now

Posted by David Leslie on September 19, 2004

I’m a boxing guy. Bernard ” The Executioner” Hopkins is my Man. He fought Oscar “Golden Boy” Del La Hoya to unify the middleweight titles.

I was so afrade I’d jinix X that I didn’t blog this. I was afrade that he’d get robed of the title by judges just like Marvin did again Ray Leonard.

But now I can say that Philly’s son put the Golden Boy down in the ninth. KO. Over. Enjoy trying to win the Latin Grammy Oscar unless you want to blame that cut on your hand for the loss.

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Tips for running an Alpha study

Posted by David Leslie on September 19, 2004

Talk with a gentleman from the Grace Church in Delaware about their experances with Alpha. Here are some of the tips he gave me.

1. The church needs to understand and commit to the fact that Alpha is about bringing people into a relationship with Christ and not building church attenace.

2. If a church doesn’t have enough staff or resources, find another church who is interested in or already doing Alpha and see if you can’t team up.

3. Don’t skimp. They tried dropping the meal and the found that people really missed that time to both eat and get to know the others in the group better.

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So I had a 1 in 88 Shot

Posted by David Leslie on September 19, 2004

Wednesday Jean calls me up at work and tells me that she had won a key that could start a car…on Saturday..the day we were going to Cincinatti for her conference on Manic Depressive teens. So we were debating if I should skip the trip and go with John, have Patty stand in or just not go.

We opted to have John stay with Patty and Jay while I head up to try and win the car. So I head up to the Delaware County Fair on its opening day for the contest. Oldies 107 was the station with Jim Hunter, Sue Hagar and Cary Pall MC’ing and they were giving away a 1979 Corvette StingRay. They listed the value at around $15,000.

To be frank, I didn’t really want to win it. Had I won, this post would point you to my eBay listing for the sled. Others got really into it with a few decked out in Chevy gear. While waiting for a chance to turn my key, I heard one lady mention that she was so nervous that she was getting sick to her stomach.

I also ran into the Longos from the Gahanna Mom’s Club and hung out with them for a bit as we walked around the fairgrounds waiting for the contest to start. One of the

While other’s hand’s shook from nerves and others kept twisting the key around (they had a tall wood box with a keyhole at the top, winning key set off an alarm but a losing key could spin the keyhole). My turn came, I asked Sue Hagar how her arm was (it was in a sling) and gave it my shot.

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Rocky’s Italian Ice

Posted by David Leslie on September 19, 2004

I love Italian Water Ice. Rita’s is the only place you can get it in Columbus but if you’re in Delaware, check out Rocky’s. It’s a smooth and tasty as Rita’s and since they use a Water Ice machine rather than a ice cream machine like Rita’s, it doesn’t melt as fast.

My dream is to be able to open a water ice place in Gahanna work all summer in the cool of the ice and then head south for the winter.

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A visual history of spam (and virus) email

Posted by David Leslie on September 18, 2004

So what does a graph of Spam looks like since 1997? Well here’s a link to the chart of one man’s inbox.
A visual history of spam (and virus) email

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