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Happy (belated) Birthday to Jean

Posted by David Leslie on September 1, 2004

Given that John had Hand, Foot and Mouth when Jean’s birthday came on Aug 16 (Yes, the day Elvis left the planet) we opted to postpone our family dinner (we did however get carryout).

So tonight after work I ran home and picked Mama and the boy up and first ran over to pick up Jean’s new Trek at Bicycle One in Gahanna (great folks so give them a try if you’re in the market. She was impressed with the fix and even had to have them adjust the seat down, a first for her given this is the first time she’s been on a bike with 20 inch wheels. If it wasn’t for the step thru frame, I would even be able to get on it.

From there we made a quick stop at Midgard’s to see if anything came in my comic pull. While nothing hit, Keith was kind enought to comp me the Batman 12 cent book since I left my change in the car and Keith wasn’t up for running a visa for 12 lincolns. If you’re a comics person, give Keith and the family some business.

Dinner was with Patty and Jay at Fujiyama Steak House of Japan, which has been doing the tappan / hibachi thing for over 19 years. Food was soild, service excellent, and nothing beats the Onion Volcano in my book. This was John’s first time and I wonder if this place with all its Japanesse camp could be for him like the Kahiki was for me.

{ the blog would ask that you take a moment of slience in remeberance of the Kahiki at least the Tiki News had a last luau to send it to the ball with glory. Yet I’m still bitter that it cost me my reservation thanks to the mix up in which I booked for that night just as the manager was closing the deal for booking the whole place for the luau}

{The blog thanks you}

Jean wanted to see how well John liked the show. While he watched he didn’t really do much. It was however kids night since just about every table had at least one kid under 5 at the table. One kid’s eyes , he couldn’t have been over 2, got huge when the onion volcano went off in front of him. We debated on if we should get John a kid’s meal. Our plans was if he didn’t eat it, we’d have left overs. That was the plan.

Come to find out John didn’t eat that much today so he made up for it at dinner. John didn’t care for the soup but he ate all of his kiddle salad (with the yummy house dressing, a bottle of which I picked up), ate all the veggies as well as most of the chicken with chopsticks (the disposable kind that we just split half way, Jean and I took turns wedging food between the sticks and then John would pop it in his mouth. Once he started to see us dip in the sauce, he had to do the same and knocked over the little bowl. So we’d wedge, dip and then the boy would take the sticks). He past on the fired rice but downed the sherbert. By the end of the night, John was stuffed. Jay on the other hand didn’t care for the veggies so I have his veggies and John’s rice for lunch..with yummy dressing for my salad.


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