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Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson

Labor Day weekend

Posted by David Leslie on September 5, 2004

Few quick words on the Labor Day weekend so far…
1. I’ve spent the last two days taking out to very over grown bushes as well as the tree stump they had been planed to hide next to my mailbox. One day just to cut off all the branches and get them bundled while today was spent pulling out the roots (this was the fun part). The good news is that John took a nap while Mama and I took to the work. Thanks to the good folks at Black and Decker who’s Navigator electric hand saw made this go a lot faster as well as Mark from across the court for his help. Next up, replace the mailbox (next weekend) and get John’s big room somewhat ready for painting (Monday)

2. While I could have gotten a better deal online, Jean and I opted to keep our coin in Gahanna and picked up two Bell Ukon FS helmets which marks the first time I have ever owned a bicycle helmet. Erin from Bicycle One (where we’re working towards becoming regulers) noted how ‘none of us look good in a helmet’ when I said I felt like a dork. We road up with John in the buggy to the playground and I was surprised at how much air flow the helmet has. Even Jean was impressed.

3. Chuch featured a guest pastor since Steve and some of the guys from the Men’s Bible Study are hiking a section of the Appalation Trail this weekend. The message from Gregg talked about how many of the things in our culture try to tell us what will make us happy like you’ll be happy when your married, you’ll be happer when your divorced, you’ll be happier in a bigger house, in a better community, with a pay rase, if you lose 50 lbs, if you have a better computer (these two hit home with me).. etc yet when we do those things, we often feel that empty “OK, now what” feeling. The point, only a relationship with God is going to give you what you’re seeking.


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