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Entertainment Weekly TV Fall preview and the lost of the 18- 35 year old male

Posted by David Leslie on September 6, 2004

I got my new Entertainment Weekly which had their fall tv preview. Now last year all the advertisers bemoaned the fact that the infamous 18-34 male viewership block was gone.

Well after looking at this year’s line up allow me to give a quick heads up to anyone looking to reach myself and others like me.. Advertise on calbe or in videogames because there is NOTHING coming out this fall that will draw my eyes towards the networks. Plus it never fails, I fall for a network show like Wonderfalls and it gets popped like a week later. Meanwhile we get rehash crap like CSI: New York. I mean its got an interesting post Sept 11 step for some of the characters plus Melina Kanakaredes is a babe but its a CSI show. When will this stop, when they run out of major cities?

On the geek side, zip. Geeks will be either playing the duces, Half Life 2 or Halo 2. They might put down the controller long enough to catch Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars on SciFi (Oct), Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow at the cinema then there’s BattleStar Galatica the series to open 2005.

Another piece of bad news is that ESPN now has an online broadband onDemand sevice that their demo’ing free this weekend. Games, clips and more just a click away.

What I love is that when crap is thrown on the air, men 18-35 get blamed by the networks since “its what they want” but this year, no such excuse will work.. Now when does the WonderFalls DVD come out?


2 Responses to “Entertainment Weekly TV Fall preview and the lost of the 18- 35 year old male”

  1. Well, if they resurrect VIP as the next CSI and Pamela and crew have to be in the lab nekkid (avoid tainting the evidence with outside contaminant….riiiiight), maybe the 18-35 demo will come running back. Can’t Spike make this happen?

    Honestly, is there anything for *anyone* to look forward to this fall on the Nets?

    Btw, hear ya on the Farscape. ‘Bout damn time.

  2. David said

    First off, thanks for the comment. You’re the first one I’ve had. What’s your blog so I can add it to my feed list?

    I wasn’t a big VIP guy since Pam isn’t my kind of gal. Yet I was holding out hope that Danger Girl would get picked up as a series but that was not to be. Three James Bond’ish femme fatales. It would have been a hit.

    I mean She Spies was close but I just didn’t get into the cast either before or after the revamp.

    The one spot of hope is that Warren Ellis’ Global Frequency is in production as a mid season replacement for WB which means nobody will ever find it on their listings let along watch it.

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