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Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson

Labor Day

Posted by David Leslie on September 6, 2004

Well I spent my labor day a laboring. I keep thinking I should join my fellow geeks as we march to show the strength of geek labor downtown…that was if there was such a thing as a geek labor union.

Instead I was up and taking apart my patio door (more on this later) and with the rest of the afternoon spent working on the back bedroom which will be John’s ‘big boy’ room once he out grows his crib. Lots of moving things around and going up and down the stairs.

Later we went over to my Uncle’s for a cookout. Jean marinaded some beef, tiger shrimp and chicken for kabobs. Dinner was caped off by a ‘discussion’ between my Uncle and myself on the Swift Boat mess as well as other issues. For example, he loved Zel Miller’s speech before the GOP, I wanted to throw Zell out of the party for that performance.

It was interesting that afterward, I mentioned to Jean that while I did better for defending my position, I felt frustrated that I wasn’t able to better frame my arguments to help him understand my point. Jean noted that it isn’t up for me to make sure if he gets it or not.


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