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So I had a 1 in 88 Shot

Posted by David Leslie on September 19, 2004

Wednesday Jean calls me up at work and tells me that she had won a key that could start a car…on Saturday..the day we were going to Cincinatti for her conference on Manic Depressive teens. So we were debating if I should skip the trip and go with John, have Patty stand in or just not go.

We opted to have John stay with Patty and Jay while I head up to try and win the car. So I head up to the Delaware County Fair on its opening day for the contest. Oldies 107 was the station with Jim Hunter, Sue Hagar and Cary Pall MC’ing and they were giving away a 1979 Corvette StingRay. They listed the value at around $15,000.

To be frank, I didn’t really want to win it. Had I won, this post would point you to my eBay listing for the sled. Others got really into it with a few decked out in Chevy gear. While waiting for a chance to turn my key, I heard one lady mention that she was so nervous that she was getting sick to her stomach.

I also ran into the Longos from the Gahanna Mom’s Club and hung out with them for a bit as we walked around the fairgrounds waiting for the contest to start. One of the

While other’s hand’s shook from nerves and others kept twisting the key around (they had a tall wood box with a keyhole at the top, winning key set off an alarm but a losing key could spin the keyhole). My turn came, I asked Sue Hagar how her arm was (it was in a sling) and gave it my shot.


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