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Sky Captain and other weekend notes

Posted by David Leslie on September 20, 2004

Headed down to the Gahanna Flea Market this afternoon. Its kind of a community garage sale with food vendors with a few craft / home shopping parties reps and local folks running for office thrown in. I talk with David Goodman who is running for county commissioner plus Deb Price of City Council and Marlene Eader from the School Board.

Jay and I took in Sky Captain at the Arena Grand. Loved it. I was however bumbed about a few things.
1. They moved it into the smaller theater to make room for the Columbus Out Awards
2. For the first 25 minutes and for all of the previews, the projection was off.

I did run into Rich from the CompuServe Forum team and talked a little bit after the flick. I also got a cool Sky Captain comic which featured some of the production sketches. I bought one on eBay for $2.99 (with shipping) with a media kit DVD just in case I didn’t get my movie passes.

Once we got out, a few of the folks there for the Out awards were there…including a 6 ft 4 drag queen in heals. I had never seen anyone that tall in heals before.

Anyhow, go see this flick. And when you do, don’t check the brain at the door and grab some popcorn. Get in the wayback machine, set it for a Saturday in 1933. This way you can enjoy the plup without your modern bias.


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