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Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson

What I’ve been up to?

Posted by David Leslie on September 29, 2004

Few quickie things I’ve been doing of late before hitting the hay:

  1. Afterwork bike rides to feed the ducks at Creekside with Jean and John
  2. Reading tons of graphic novels thanks to the folks at the CML
  3. Watching TONS of Boomerang from Cartoon Network now that TW has picked up the feed. I’ll post more about this channle later..
  4. Pimping RSS and open source CMS to anyone who’ll listen
  5. Got the new to us freezer set up in our basement
  6. Cleaned the basement
  7. Started back on the path towards having a healther view of God
  8. Getting into the Firefox browser
  9. Got rid of the hot tub (thanks Levi)
  10. Trying to find a replacement for my John Kerry sign since mine got boosted 36 hours after I put it up.

As for 8, I’m going to try and get downtown to see John Edwards speak after the debate. I hope Jean and John can come and I really want to find a sign that reads “Christians for Kerry” If not that then I want this license plate holder ASAP


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