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We bought a shed and other weekend notes

Posted by David Leslie on October 4, 2004

– John’s had this nasty chest congestion sounding cough all weekend. Looks like a trip to see Doc Sarah.

– Saturday while Jean was at work and her parents (down for the weekend and staying with Patty and Jay) were at a flea market, John and I did our tasks. 1. on the list was storytime. John wanted to play with the librarian’s puppets and bounce around the room so we headed to the family reading room. There we had some brat 5 year old tell me that computers weren’t for babies while she protected her beanbag from my boy even touching it. John then yacked on one of the chairs by the computer (maybe the brat has a barf detector?). This was not going well so we headed to stop 2, State Democratic Headquarters. I wanted to replace my Kerry / Edwards yard sign since my first one got popped in just 36 hours. John was the hit of the day. While trying to hunt down a Fingerhut sign, I got talking with a few of the women running the phone bank. One was fearful of what Issue One could do to her domestic partner benefits while another started to get weepy at the idea of another 4 years under Bush. John, ever the flirt, climbed in one ladies lap, grabbed a pencil and holding it in her left hand looked like he was ticking off people he had called. He even had the bank’s cell phone at one point. Too bad we didn’t have a camera. After being told where to find the Fingerhut signs by one kid, another came up telling the phone bank that the goal was 15 live contacts per hour and that we have 31 days till the polls. I remembered just then why I opted to get out of the campaigning game…grunt work like cold calling. I can work a both with the best of them but I hated canvasing. Stop 3 was to Heartland’s sales center to get the family a shed to keep our yard stuff. John had fell asleep but woke up in time for us to pick out a 10X12 (biggest we could have in Gahanna) Delux Estate with 6 foot side walls. I feel so suburban now I can’t stand it. When Jean got home, we headed back to Heartland to check if the 6 ft wall would work for us and then lunch at Red Robin. Ran into on the way Iron Mitchel from the CompuServe days. Come to find out that he was in the layoff class of 2002 where I was in the class of 01. We talk about who was with him at Bank One and what we’ve each been up to. I hope we can hook up to watch a game before the seaon is out.

– Sunday. After church ran the Allen girls over to sports ohio for their basketball pratice. Place kinda gives me the creeps. I rather have John playing pickup ball and having fun than ‘working’ at a place like sports ohio. Terry and I hit the GMGC for a quick nine. I haven’t even been to the range but I hit some nice shots and was throwing darts with my wedge play from 100 yards in. Couldn’t hit a put to save my life but I still had fun. On 3, Terry and I paired up with Niki who is the only woman I’ve ever seen who plays left handed. We got talking and she said that this was her first year playing. She could hit the ball well for someone who had been playing less than a year.

Well off to bed.


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