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Red Sox and the Curse of Donnie Ballgame

Posted by David Leslie on October 21, 2004

Tonight, sitting in the first base dugout is a man who while one of the greatest hitters of his generation, never got shot to play in a World Series.

He is now a batting coach with the only major league team he has ever played for, learning the trade of managing by watching the inner workings of the club as it is managed by a man who’s low keyed approach was once vilified, praised and now questioned.

Under this manager he has a hope to go as a coach where he has never been as a player to a World Series. 4 days and 27 outs ago, this trip was all but assured. Now, it lies wasted along with 2 blown leads, the pitching staff and the bats of his chargers that after one magnificent victory had gone cold under his watch.

Bitterest of all will be by who’s hands came this cruel blow, the Red Sox. Foil for so many years. Saddled with their own curse which saw they rise of this club to greatness as theirs feel. Who arose from a humiliation in game three to do what had never been done before, first to come back from 3 games down and then win game seven.

As he leaves the dugout this night knowning their will be no more baseball this year, he will at one point looks in the direction of the current Yankee captain. The first man since he to be given the honor. Will the irony come to him. Maybe this is not one man’s curse. That this gifted player who has shown bright on the October stage he had been denied has yet to win another World Championship since he took the captain C? Could it be that it is the bestowing of the title of Yankee Captain that smites the bombers this bitter October night?


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