The Eclectic

Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson


Posted by David Leslie on January 1, 2005

Never been all that good at making them let alone living up to them. So this year, allow me to steal some words from Jamie Cullum and mashup a few of my own.

Next Year,
Things are gonna change, Gonna drink less soda
And start all over again
Gonna pull up my socks
Gonna clean my shower
Not gonna live by the clock
But get up at a decent hour
Gonna read more books
Gonna keep up with John rather than the news
Gonna learn how to cook
And spend less money on food
File my email away, everyday
and Only drink the finest water
Resolutions Well Baby they come and go
Will I do any of these things? The answers probably no But if there’s one thing, I must do, Despite my greatest fears I’m gonna say to the world How I’ve felt all of these years…


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