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The heat saga

Posted by David Leslie on January 3, 2005

While most of Central Ohio went without power after the ice storm on Dec 23, Jean, John and I have been without heat since Dec 21.

See when John and I came home from getting his big boy bed, the CO detector in the basement was beeping. So I head down thinking it’s the battery. Change the battery and it picks right back up with the beeping.

Not wanting to take a chance, I called the Mifflin Township Fire Department. The dispatcher thinks its dust but to be sure, he sent a truck over with a detector. It picked 12 Parts per Million at the door and 25 next to the furance but since the hot water heater is so close, they couldn’t say for sure. What they did say was that we needed to call the gas company ASAP to have them check.

The gas company read 8 at the furance with their detector but it jumped to 12 when we turned the furnace on. Since 10 is normal and 30 is when the canary starts to get sleeepy, the call was made to cut the gas to the furance.

We have a home warrenty that covers the unit but they just wanted to replace it with a so – so 80% effecticy unit meant to last 5 to 10 years. So we took the payout and invested in a +92 Trane..


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