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Day 2 with the new rear

Posted by David Leslie on February 4, 2005

Given everything, the pain from the new rearhole is not as bad as expected.

The worse parts when it came to the day of surgery was getting there 2 hours early and Jean having to remove the tape from my rear that was holding in the packing. Other than that I slept a ton and eat chicken soup.

I opted not to watch the State of the Union. It was going to be a sales pitch for Bush’s plan to undo the New Deal. Even with pain meds, I couldn’t do it. So we watched Iron Cheif America as Ming dropped Bobby Flay in battle duck.

Today was when the soreness took up with me. Half tabs of vicoden kept things from getting too bad. Plus I was able to have three bowle movements with no more pain than what I had been having post op.

I read Batman: Year One by Frank Miller which I enjoyed so much that I hope they stick with it for the new Batman flick. I also read, cover to cover mind you, The Man who Japed by PK Dick. I haven’t done this in forever so while it was a short book, it was still a book.

The downside is that I went to the store with Jean and over did it. Sorness doesn’t like a ton of walking. Sitting isn’t that bad but I’ve got to shift from time to time and I do have pain meds in me. Also Jean is getting a cold. This means she snoring pretty hard. So between her and the boy flopping, I’m not getting much sleep.


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