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I’ve been feeling frustrated at church.

Posted by David Leslie on February 7, 2005

Much like John Stewart’s unbridled rant on the thrid disc of American the Audiobook towards the media, I’ve been feeling the same frustration towardes the church.

I mean, Time magazine just published a list of the 25 most influential evangelical in America. 23 of them were rich white people. 24 if you count the lone Catholic priest. Jesus never owned a swatch of land and we’ve have Christian leaders in the Church who are millionaires. Christian leaders who work for the President ranging from fund raising to policy. How did this happen?

Take issue 1 here in Ohio. State’s going broke to the point we’re cutting healthcare to our poorest, schools are going on 15 years of funding mess but at least now Gays can’t marry because the churches turned out to vote up issue one.

We can’t just help people to help them. No, it’s got to be a ‘minstry’. We need to go on ‘missions’. How about we help people first then worry if they know Christ later.

The music.. Oh how I hate praise songs. There isn’t much depth in all of them put together. Most are like a really bad pop song and should never be sung by a congregation. Go old school and mix in a hymn.

I’m tired, my butt hurts.. I know I’m going to write more on this later..


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