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Why political Junk mail causes me to rant

Posted by David Leslie on February 22, 2005

Jean got an email tonight that just pissed me off to no end.

See, the thing was a forwarded message of what could only be discribed as pure bullshit. Cheesy subject line, an article with an outrageus quote from the ACLU with a counter qoute from a Marine officer without any kind of citation or evidence that this in fact had happened. Throw in two badly photoshoped photos and there you have it.

But here’s the rub. Not only could you tell by just reading it or looking at the photos, but a 10 sec Google search popped at least 5 sites noting that it was a hoaks. Snopes’, the home for the best hoax news on the net had it for over 2 years and still it was forwarded to Jean.

90% of this kind of crap comes from people who think there is such a thing as ‘Liberal Media’. When I get something like these I can’t help but think “My God, what’s worse? That this person believes this shit or that this person is allowed to vote in the first place.”

To these people allow me to say, Forget the media, worry about the crap you spew from your damn inbox.


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