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John’s tongue and Jean’s hand

Posted by David Leslie on May 7, 2005

Not sure what had me more stressed out this week. John having his tongue untied and his mole removed or Jean whacking her hand with a knife while trying to cut an avocado.

The epic that was finding someone who could take care of both John’s tongue and mole at the same time came to a close on Tuesday. Dr. Villalobos took all of 5 minutes to clip the tongue (no stitch needed) pop the mole and send it to the lab and come out to start talking with me about how well thing had gone. Just about the time it took Jean to walk to the gift shop, buy a SpongeBob balloon and start walking back. In fact I was trying to stall him when Jean came back to the waiting area with the balloon. John spent more time in post op recovery than he did in the OR itself. Later that day when we got home, John was eating, drinking, and playing as if nothing had happened. Jean and I however we a wreck.

By Friday, John had picked up a nasty cold. So nasty we had taken him to Doctor Sara just to be on the safe side. So Jean being the great Mom that she is decided Friday afternoon to make John his favored snack, guacamole.

This is when things went bad. The knife slipped and sunk along the side of Jean’s hand along the knuckles. She couldn’t get a hold of me at work, the neighbors we’re gone so she called her sister who works downtown to pick her up and take her to the urgent care for stitches.

Now I’m known to be an overly defensive driver. Yet I shocked even myself when, coming from Dublin on the other side of town, I beat Jean to the Urgent care by a car length. John was cranky so he and I went for ice cream at MacDonald while Jean got 5 stitches in her hand…


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David the Lab Rat

Posted by David Leslie on May 7, 2005

There is no better way to spend a spring Saturday morning than chilling in Campbell Hall’s Endocrinology Lab as a test subject into the blood sugar impact that rasins have on a pre-diabetic.

Today was the control set with a 10oz bottle of glucose slamed down after a 10 hour fast. After that, I get my fingers pricked every 15 minutes for 2 hours and then 2 more times until we hit the three hour mark.

For most of the time, I chill by reading either 3 Days in August by Buzz Bissinger or Wired. But there is a PC with an Internet connection as well as a DVD player so I might bring a flix next time.

Wired’s interview with Thomas Friedman was chilling when he posed the question, “What would you rather be today.. a B student in NJ or a genius in Singapore”. Most would say genius in Singapore since data doesn’t care where you work, so long as you have the chops for the job. Makes me fear for what the labor market will be like for John.

Then their was his qoute from an unnamed CEO that “American feel high saleries are an entitlement. Now their going to have to earn those high saleries”. It’s always refreshing to have a multimillionair CEO tell me that I make too much money.

Just makes me sit back and wonder when not if we all wake up someday to a world that looks something like Walter Mosley’s Futureland?

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