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Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson

Missing cell phone and other dis-ease

Posted by David Leslie on August 17, 2005

It’s safe to say that at the moment, I’m frustrated. My right kneecap is sore from kneeling on some gravel, my right side of my jaw is popping in and out in an annoying kind of way and I’ve lost my cell phone.

The cell phone has been AWL since sometime Wednesday night when I last called Jean. Sadly it’s battery is gone or else I would doing some ringtone recon to try and find the thing. Our fear is that John got a hold of it which means it could be ANYWHERE.

Last night I spent the better part of an hour sifting through our weekly garbage hoping that among the diapers and other trash would be the phone as John has thrown away a sippy cup or two in his day. Speaking of sippy cups, I’ve found two during this quest for my Nokia along with the lanyard for my mp3 player missing since April. Maybe this was some kind of lost item quid pro quo. Except that I just got the short end since I wasn’t paying a monthly service fee for the lanyard.  


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