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What’s posted here, stays here

Posted by David Leslie on November 9, 2005

Ok, so the title is a bit naive but here’s my point. What you read here is about as close to a running chain of thought as I can get while staying in full sentences.

About 90% of the stuff is pure brain dumping of the get it off you’re chest variety. This dumping is spurred on by my counseling sessions as well as by folks who happen along and check me if I’m out of line or give me a shout out if we’re on the same page.

While I’m honest here, it’s not the whole picture and I never mean it to be. Mostly I use this to every now and then look to see where I’ve come from on a certain thing and to see just how it’s playing out. At times, I’m wrestling with 30 years worth of stuff that I stuffed inside because I either didn’t want to deal with it or it was just too tough to admit. So as I’ve been dealing with it, the near lava-ish flow sometimes spills out here. But like lava, it cools, forms into a mass, becomes soild and things can grow on it. That’s my goal, not to nuke anyone but to get stuff out so that it can cool rather than leave it burn in my gut.

Need to get since I’ve got email to get to..


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