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Build-a-Bear with my cousins

Posted by David Leslie on March 5, 2006

My cousin Barbara had her birthday party yesterday at Build-A-Bear. Keep in mind that my cousin is turning 33 but she thought it would be fun.

As part of the party, you could pick from either a white or brown basic bear. Since most of the people coming to the party would be adults, she encouraged folks to donate their bear if they didn’t want to keep it. She had a pretty large turn out so children services is going to get a mess of teddy bears.

I got to talk with my Uncle’s first wife for the first time in years plus meet her husband. It was strange introduction for her as to how do you introduce your nephew from your first marriage?

John loved stomping on the stuffing pedal when it came time to stuff his bear. After his party bear was stuffed John hit the cleaning station having fun feeling the air blower. Aunt Reva was kind enough to let John pick out another bear for him to build with Allie John picked a Koala and Allie dressed it for him.

After the party we went to Abuelo’s for dinner. While we were waiting, John, Allie and I went to the fountain near Bon Ve to let John run off some energy. Later, John and I caught the trolley and rode around Easton til dinner.

John’s been getting pretty voical of late and dinner was no exception. The waitress had stopped over to fill our drinks and John in a very firm voice said to to her “Lady, we’re out of chips!” The waitress didn’t hear him but Jean and I did so we asked him to ask kindly next time.


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