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Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson

Bowling Bowling Bowling…

Posted by David Leslie on March 11, 2006

My cousin Allie had her 14th birthday party tonight at the bowling alley at the Athletic Club tonight. The six Brunswick lanes in the club’s basement were installed in 1947 and still have much of their original parts.

Needless to say it was the first time John had ever been bowling and quite a while since Jean and I had tossed rocks. Yet John proved yet again how strong he’s getting by the fact he could lift many of the bowling balls. We did how ever have to tell him not to kick the ball since that’s the way he most often plays with them.

Jean and I bowled a ton of frames with my cousin Barbara and boyfriend while John played with Allie and my cousin Katlin.

We had pizza for dinner then Jean and I went back to bowling. By the end of the night Jean was racking up strikes and spares like crazy. Sure two of the lanes had foam bummpers to keep the ball out of the gutter but Jean wasn’t using them. I was harking back to my YABA days but I couldn’t make a shot to save my life but that’s what happens when you haven’t bowled in almost 10 years.


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