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Waiting for the first wave to hit

Posted by David Leslie on March 13, 2006

OK, so its the weekend before the big cut over for my project at work. I had planned to spend most of it getting caught up but I kinda hang and pick off some of the smaller things that had been bugging me.

– Got my hair cut

– Watched the season final for Battlestar Galactica.
– Picked up Farscape Season 4 and Andromeda season 3 from the library to help with the post Battlestar drop in quality TV

– Watch The Unit only for Dennis Haysburt but was very happy to see that this is a David Mamet production.

– Checked that awful sound coming from my car, looks like I need new pipes.

– Checked the check engine light on Jean’s sled. O2 sensor is bad. Crap gas milage til its fixed.

– Worked on a time line walk thru and answered some email for work


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