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Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson

Odds and ends

Posted by David Leslie on March 30, 2006

  1. My on again off again affair with Bugzilla took a nasty turn as my SAMBA connection wouldn't allow me to access my Lunix account from home. Given my crappy command line skills (I can do it in a pinch but I still mix up RM with MV and you know that's not good) plus the fact my boss needed it up for a 5am bug review meant that I had to drag my mucus filled body to the office at 10 pm for 2 hours of work to undo the prep work I had done on BZ since I wanted to cut over to another version of BZ.
  2. Speaking of mucus, I now appears that when we go to Cleveland to see the inlaws, someone gets sick. This time it's my turn.
  3. While the cold meds kept me up, I watch Greg Odom in the MacDonald's All American Game. This guy looked like a man against boys at times.
  4. Caught the trailer for a flick called 'Brick' over lunch thanks to an interview with it's director that Elvis Mitchel did on his radio show today. A film noir set in a modern high school might sound cheesy but as the director noted his love for Dashel Hamlet novels, he observed that high school is the closes thing we have the Hamlet's world where boys are often manipulated by smarter girls.

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