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Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson

So it was my birthday

Posted by David Leslie on April 30, 2006

Strange to thing another year has gone by. Also ironic that I didn't really want to do anything for it.

At work Carol stoped by my office and started telling me about this book where a woman lawyer is up for partner but must answer a question about chocolate in order to get the gig. She was fishing to see what kind of chocolate that I liked for the cake my team was going to purchase but I foiled that by talking about the joys of dyopian science fiction.

Jean pulled to major surprises on me. First, she brought me flowers to work much like the one's she got me for my birthday when we first started dating. Next, she remembered that I had mentioned to her how I had always wanted to dine at La Plaia.

La Plaia is one of those rare places in which the owner does the cooking (as does the previous owner who sold the place on the grounds he could cook when he felt like it), sauces are made at order and everything just taste fantastic.

I had the veal scallopini while Jean had the special, a 16 oz NY Strip that had been butterflied` stuffed with blue cheese and piccuissdo ham and then cooked with a red wine sauce thickened with Gorgonzola cheese. We also tried two of their pasta sauces, a red as well as their alfedro. The alfredio might have been the best I've ever had.

Jean joked that since our first appartment was across the street, we should have eaten there more often.


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