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Rainbow Jell-O

Posted by David Leslie on May 31, 2006

We're slated to have a picnic with Wendy and Kerri on Saturday before we drive up to Cleveland for the Memorial Day holiday.Since Wendy and Kerri are making the lunch, we're kicking in the desert. I'm not a big desert guy but I want to do something really nice for them.So Jean recommends doing Rainbow Jell-O. She had it at a Mom's club function and loved it. It is an easy desert yet time consuming.


  • 1 4oz box of Jell-O for each color of the rainbow
  • 1/2 cup of sour cream per box of Jell-O
  • 9X13 baking pan
  • TBSP measure
  • Cup measure
  • Kettle for boiling water

Steps to make

  1. You take the Jell-O and mix it with 1 cup of boiling water until it's dissolved.
  2. Pour 1/2 cup of the Jell-O in a 9X13 baking dish
  3. Place the 9X13 dish in the fridge until this sets up
  4. With the rest of the jell-o, mix in 1/2 cup of sour cream with 1 tbsp of water
  5. Once the 1/2 cup of plan jell-o has set, pour in the sour cream/jell-o mix
  6. Repeat until you have a Rainbow.

Now I should say this was the first time I had made this so I had the newness of the recipe as well as my apprehension of mixing sour cream with jell-o.

The first box of jell-o didn't dissolve all the way. Next the first layer I poured the sour cream mix in too soon causing a psychedelic like swirl. The rest of the time it's just time consuming. I was up to close to 3 am.

Needless to say, I left a box out (orange) and while Jean and John liked it, I wasn’t sure about Wendy and Kerri (some of this was my projection).


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Thank God for Partition Magic

Posted by David Leslie on May 27, 2006

I borrowed my brother-in-law's copy and within 10 minutes I was to the point I could install XP Pro.

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There’s a new Shull child in the world

Posted by David Leslie on May 25, 2006

Joshua Kent Shull was born this morning. More when I have it…

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Why I don’t have a 360

Posted by David Leslie on May 25, 2006

I love my Xbox but I haven’t moved to the 360 since

1. I bought a new dual core AMD in Nov so I’m back to $8.95 in my tech budget

2. Aside from the 360 glory that is Fight Night Round 3, there isn’t anything on the 360 I want to play that I can’t already play on my Xbox or PC.

I follow the “wait til the first price drop’ rule in buying consoles. There are two bell curves, quality of available titles vs price. At launch you have the highest price coupled with the lowest quality of titles. Sure you’ll have those system movers like Halo but that is more of an exception than a rule.

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Well it wasn’t a total loss of a night…yet

Posted by David Leslie on May 25, 2006

Right now I’m going on my 4th hour of trying to reinstall XP Pro on a 6 year old PowerSpec. In reality, I should be updating the service packs by now but we’re not even to the OS yet. Why? Well I nuked the boot partition since it had a mangled dual boot of XP Pro and Win2K crashing into each other. That’s when the fun began. See, when I threw in the XP disc, it couldn’t find a fixed disk. No big deal, just reset the fixed disk in BIOS. Except that BIOS is password protected. Did I mention that this is a hand-me-down box? In one fail swoop I’m locked out of the disk utilities to reset the boot drive back to floppy as well as check to see that the drive is in the boot order. Needless to say I’m not happy which is a bummer since it wasn’t a bad day given:

  1. I’m getting Windows XP Pro on my rig at work
  2. I won the “Il Buono e il Brutto” poster from the folks at Campari USA . Pardon the pun but the devil looks hot. I was torn since “Le Stella Grande” was also a great shot.
  3. I got to talk World Cup football with Maria Cherrie from Trinidad & Tobago National Library and Information System Authority who is visiting as part of the IFLA fellows program.
  4. I got my Ethnic Food experience schedule for the rest of the year hammered out.
  5. Harold won Top Chef. This was expected but I had to feel for Tiffani. Her post ‘pack your knives and leave’ interview had her breaking down when she spoke of how much she needed the money. It also didn’t help that her sous-chefs, fan fav Dave and bad boy Stephen were in judge Tom Colicchio’s words “plastered” while working for Tiffani. Given how much Dave couldn’t stand her, I can’t help but feel that bro drove a knife in her back. It also didn’t help that they along with Harold’s sous Lee Ann and Miguel all felt Harold was the Top Chef.

Well it’s off to bed….

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Wake me when the no-doze kick in

Posted by David Leslie on May 23, 2006

Today was yet another day in Dodge where I just couldn’t get the brain out of neutral. About the only highlights were downloading the new Office 2007 beta 2 (which is powering this post) and taking a nice relaxing walk with the little man when we got home. Oh and Jean gave me a sweet kiss in the parking lot when we swapped cars. So before bed, here is a quick list of things of note:


1. Jean did an excellent job with her sermon on Sunday. I taped here message and have it ready to burn on to DVD. I’m also working on a PowerPoint Producer file so that you can see the slides and the video at the same time.

2. I’ve been rediscovering my joy of photos with Flickr and with the new Codename Max from Microsoft. Haven’t messed with the uploads via Max yet but I love the ink feature.

3. Bin Laden: Moussaoui not linked to 9/11: Let’s see, you get life in a SuperMax for your roll in the Sept 11 attacks and then the guy who ordered the attacks comes out to say you weren’t on his roster of attackers. Wow, thanks for that Bin.

4. The new Office is sweet. While I’m getting use to the ‘ribbon’ after years riding the dropdown menus I can say that it’s worth the coin.

5. Speaking of Microsoft, why can’t they get any geek love? You think Apple’s OS is worth a crap? Then why are they releasing a dual boot tool for XP? Do you see the legions of Windows users asking MS for a dual boot to the Mac OS now that the Mac is on the Intel processor? Screw the Macbook, give me a Tablet PC Think a gig of RAM is bad for Vista, trying running the Mac OS on a Mini with 512 of RAM while remembering that Apple designed the hardware.

6. Today was ‘free sandwich day’ at my favorite shop, Potbelly (I get A Wreck on wheat with mayo, hot peppers, lettuce, onion, tomato, oil and Italian seasoning) . Well, it wasn’t quite free; you did need to drop some coin in the hat for Children’s hospital.

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Given the past few weeks, I’m amazed that I’m still standing

Posted by David Leslie on May 21, 2006

Work: While not insane, has still been draining in that the easy issues have been closed and now we're in the grind of trying to find those issues that are still in the wild. At times it feels like I never have the answers for anything.

Health: My blood sugar is going back up which is not good. It's the stress..

Jean: Is preaching on Sunday between her Friday night fondue night and red-white&blue lunch on Monday. This was last minute since Pastor is out of town and his stand-in canceled on us on Monday. So between getting ready for her two parties, Jean is also working up a message. I'll post the outline and PowerPoints on Monday.

John: Is fun as always as he grows and contiunes to develop. He's also now really starting to develop his independance much to the chgrin of Mom and Dad. Listing has been our challange since when he gets fixed on something he gets locked in much like his Mom <g>. I also love his 'songs' like the Bellybutton song, the Mommy song. I wonder if this would count as a musical 'composistion'.

Other things of note:

1. I'm hooked on Top Chef. If it was the NCAA Baseketball tourniment, I had 3 of the final 4, 2 of the final 2 and 1 in the finals. My pick the win, LeeAnn got knocked out before the final three (she got jobbed on a fluke) but my #2 pick to win, Harold is in the final.

2. The past few months has been a good time to be a geek looking for free software from the major houses. Yahoo with their Widget Engine and their redesigne site, Google with SketchUp and Microsoft with the new Windows Media Player 11 and the CTP for their Adobe killing Expression line of tools.

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John’s first Clippers game

Posted by David Leslie on May 6, 2006

Friday night: Jean and I with Patty and Jay took John to his first baseball game as the Clippers took on the Tidewater Norfolk Tides at the Coop. John had a blast thanks in part to playing on the inflatables the Clippers have over by gate 1. John did the slide plus the jumping castle while I took a ill session of BP against the whiffleball machine. In fact, had I known it was whiffleballs, I wouldn't have even steps in since those things have aways screwed with my swing. Next thing I knew my sister-in-law sent my son over to drop the "Hey batter batter swing batter" on me. Heckled by my own flesh and blood.

While waiting in line for a helmet sundae for John, we ran into some friends of my uncle's family who's we'll see on Sunday at a cookout.

Once we found seats on the 3rd baseline, we settled in and I was taken back 19 years to when I was a bat boy. There are times when I'm stuck about how that experience shaped me and how I can still recall it. I've toyed with the idea of wiki'ing them down along with the paths the players took since those two seasons.

I sometimes feel a ting of regret that I didn't take more of an advantage in being there for my own playing career or at least landed a girl's digits. Yet I'll never forget the first time I watch the team take infield. A few of the guys we're only 2 years older than I was but I watched them throw and in my gut knew that I could never throw like that. I watched a pitcher with a 'dead arm' throw harder than I had ever seen. I didn't want to believe it, but in my heart of hearts, I knew I would never transition from batboy to player. I wonder if anyone has.

John loved playing with seat hinges, eating his ice cream and learning how to yell as taugh by his Aunte.

Plans are underway to move the team to a new ballpark by the arena district. Not sure how I feel about it. The Coop was the gem of AAA but he's 30 years old. While the changes to the fence and the change from AstroTurf to grass has done wonders to the field itself, the rest of the park isn't even to the new AA standards let alone the new yards in places like Toledo.

But at least my boy can say he saw a game at the Coop even if it was seen between bites of a helmet sundae.

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