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John’s first Clippers game

Posted by David Leslie on May 6, 2006

Friday night: Jean and I with Patty and Jay took John to his first baseball game as the Clippers took on the Tidewater Norfolk Tides at the Coop. John had a blast thanks in part to playing on the inflatables the Clippers have over by gate 1. John did the slide plus the jumping castle while I took a ill session of BP against the whiffleball machine. In fact, had I known it was whiffleballs, I wouldn't have even steps in since those things have aways screwed with my swing. Next thing I knew my sister-in-law sent my son over to drop the "Hey batter batter swing batter" on me. Heckled by my own flesh and blood.

While waiting in line for a helmet sundae for John, we ran into some friends of my uncle's family who's we'll see on Sunday at a cookout.

Once we found seats on the 3rd baseline, we settled in and I was taken back 19 years to when I was a bat boy. There are times when I'm stuck about how that experience shaped me and how I can still recall it. I've toyed with the idea of wiki'ing them down along with the paths the players took since those two seasons.

I sometimes feel a ting of regret that I didn't take more of an advantage in being there for my own playing career or at least landed a girl's digits. Yet I'll never forget the first time I watch the team take infield. A few of the guys we're only 2 years older than I was but I watched them throw and in my gut knew that I could never throw like that. I watched a pitcher with a 'dead arm' throw harder than I had ever seen. I didn't want to believe it, but in my heart of hearts, I knew I would never transition from batboy to player. I wonder if anyone has.

John loved playing with seat hinges, eating his ice cream and learning how to yell as taugh by his Aunte.

Plans are underway to move the team to a new ballpark by the arena district. Not sure how I feel about it. The Coop was the gem of AAA but he's 30 years old. While the changes to the fence and the change from AstroTurf to grass has done wonders to the field itself, the rest of the park isn't even to the new AA standards let alone the new yards in places like Toledo.

But at least my boy can say he saw a game at the Coop even if it was seen between bites of a helmet sundae.


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