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Time moves in one direction, memory in another. – William Gibson

Given the past few weeks, I’m amazed that I’m still standing

Posted by David Leslie on May 21, 2006

Work: While not insane, has still been draining in that the easy issues have been closed and now we're in the grind of trying to find those issues that are still in the wild. At times it feels like I never have the answers for anything.

Health: My blood sugar is going back up which is not good. It's the stress..

Jean: Is preaching on Sunday between her Friday night fondue night and red-white&blue lunch on Monday. This was last minute since Pastor is out of town and his stand-in canceled on us on Monday. So between getting ready for her two parties, Jean is also working up a message. I'll post the outline and PowerPoints on Monday.

John: Is fun as always as he grows and contiunes to develop. He's also now really starting to develop his independance much to the chgrin of Mom and Dad. Listing has been our challange since when he gets fixed on something he gets locked in much like his Mom <g>. I also love his 'songs' like the Bellybutton song, the Mommy song. I wonder if this would count as a musical 'composistion'.

Other things of note:

1. I'm hooked on Top Chef. If it was the NCAA Baseketball tourniment, I had 3 of the final 4, 2 of the final 2 and 1 in the finals. My pick the win, LeeAnn got knocked out before the final three (she got jobbed on a fluke) but my #2 pick to win, Harold is in the final.

2. The past few months has been a good time to be a geek looking for free software from the major houses. Yahoo with their Widget Engine and their redesigne site, Google with SketchUp and Microsoft with the new Windows Media Player 11 and the CTP for their Adobe killing Expression line of tools.


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