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Wake me when the no-doze kick in

Posted by David Leslie on May 23, 2006

Today was yet another day in Dodge where I just couldn’t get the brain out of neutral. About the only highlights were downloading the new Office 2007 beta 2 (which is powering this post) and taking a nice relaxing walk with the little man when we got home. Oh and Jean gave me a sweet kiss in the parking lot when we swapped cars. So before bed, here is a quick list of things of note:


1. Jean did an excellent job with her sermon on Sunday. I taped here message and have it ready to burn on to DVD. I’m also working on a PowerPoint Producer file so that you can see the slides and the video at the same time.

2. I’ve been rediscovering my joy of photos with Flickr and with the new Codename Max from Microsoft. Haven’t messed with the uploads via Max yet but I love the ink feature.

3. Bin Laden: Moussaoui not linked to 9/11: Let’s see, you get life in a SuperMax for your roll in the Sept 11 attacks and then the guy who ordered the attacks comes out to say you weren’t on his roster of attackers. Wow, thanks for that Bin.

4. The new Office is sweet. While I’m getting use to the ‘ribbon’ after years riding the dropdown menus I can say that it’s worth the coin.

5. Speaking of Microsoft, why can’t they get any geek love? You think Apple’s OS is worth a crap? Then why are they releasing a dual boot tool for XP? Do you see the legions of Windows users asking MS for a dual boot to the Mac OS now that the Mac is on the Intel processor? Screw the Macbook, give me a Tablet PC Think a gig of RAM is bad for Vista, trying running the Mac OS on a Mini with 512 of RAM while remembering that Apple designed the hardware.

6. Today was ‘free sandwich day’ at my favorite shop, Potbelly (I get A Wreck on wheat with mayo, hot peppers, lettuce, onion, tomato, oil and Italian seasoning) . Well, it wasn’t quite free; you did need to drop some coin in the hat for Children’s hospital.


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