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Vista – the keyboard?

Posted by David Leslie on June 29, 2006

Just saw thanks to Mary Jo Foley’s Microsoft Watch the Flash movie for the new Vista Ultimate Keyboard. Given that I’m a sucker for backlighting, this thing had me with that alone.

So my Vista shopping list is looking like this:

  1. Vista Ultimate Edition
  2. Microsoft Office 2007 Home and Student
  3. A new hard drive
  4. Vista Ultimate Keyboard (if it has a number pad since I live on the number pad when I use Excel)

I’m going to be broke


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Thanks, Dumb Ass

Posted by David Leslie on June 16, 2006

John Kerry might be the stupidest member of the US Senate. Given how much I feel that Bush just might be the worst President since the end of the depression, Kerry in his post defeat return to his office over over 20 years makes me think that he just might be dumber than Bush.

Case in point, while the GOP in the Senate are trying to explain our support for Iraq during an off year election, again, Kerry runs up an amendment calling for the withdraw of troops by the end of 2007. I swear the man must be like some kind plant by the GOP because

1. He couldn't beat Bush (sure American's have never voted out a President during war but K didn't even make it close)

2. He's been thinking about a run in '08

3. He has money in his war chest since he didn't spent it all from '04. I feel like puking when I get an email from the DNC asking for funds that is signed by K. At least my man John Edwards didn't go back to the Senate and makes me wish that he had been at the top of the ticket the whole time

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Vista and sleeplessness

Posted by David Leslie on June 16, 2006

Following the steps on LifeHacker, I was able to get my box up and running with Vista beta 2 in about 90 minutes starting from the time I first opened Partition Magic till I got to set my first sidebar widget.

Things so far have been about as expected given that this is a beta. Drivers are not as tight so things are not quite as peppy as with Windows XP Media Center. However Vista's most noted glass effect are worth the beta hassles. The new layout for accessing your files is very Mac like. So far I'm not cool with it since I HATE the Mac's file system. Never fear, there is a way to see the folders.

Now if I just had enough time to dig into the new Movie Maker and DVD maker, I'll be happy.

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A true monster

Posted by David Leslie on June 13, 2006

I read an article this weekend on Joseph Kony who has raped, killed and forced CHILDERN to fight in the Ugandan civil war. This guy is so twisted that the Sudan takes in refugees from Uganda when their not running their own Darfur genocide. 

It's guys like Kony that make me wonder at times about the nature of evil and goodness in our world.

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So are you happy that al-Zarqawi dead?

Posted by David Leslie on June 13, 2006

I was asked the following question during a family cookout in which we were talking about the meaning of grace and forgiveness of Christ.

My mother-in-law who is a very faithful Christian as well as a Bush supporter said Yes, she was happy he was dead for all the evil he had done in his life.

I’m not so black and white with my answer which is typical for me. First I pointed out that I wasn’t happy he was dead nor was I sad he is dead. The man did things that in the end required this extrem of an action. There is no joy in killing another person even if they are a monster because even when their dead, the pain they caused will still be left. 

This is not to say that good men sit back and do nothing. Had I had the intel as to where al-Zarqawi was operating, I would not hesitate in killing him to prevent him from hurting others..I just wouldn’t be happy or glad that it had to come to that.

As a Christian I also have to be cool with the idea that he’s in Heaven…which is a hard things at times to wrap one head around.

It’s like what Max Lucado once wrote on grace, their isn’t a sin scale. Sin is sin and God’s plan for salvation covers all. That’s tough because we’re very much a socity based on punishment and redemption. Don’t think so? Then look at the top five shows on tv and tell me why we like cop shows so much?

 As I’ve said before, I had a dream once of some islamist radicals, zionist and fundelmentalist christians are all in heaven and all upset that the others are there. It at this time God walks out and tells them that they are all welcomed and that he needed to explain some things to them since they didn’t get the depth and scope of his love while on Earth..

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The Executioner and Magic Man

Posted by David Leslie on June 10, 2006

Sounds more like a spagitti western than a prize fight but I had to post on the outcome of Hopkins vs. Tarver.

I couldn't watch this fight as these are my two favoret boxers. So I kept my distance from the pay-per-view (easy given I was at a birthday party at a house without cable).

In the end, Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins did what every good Philly fighter does, fight a hard smart fight to win Antonio "Magic Man" Tarver's light heavyweight belt. At 41, the question will be if Ex defends it or uses it as his out on top retirement plan.  

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Soca Warriors

Posted by David Leslie on June 10, 2006

Shout out to Maria Cherrie and all the good people of Trinidad & Tobago for their team's shut out of Sweeden in the World Cup. First World Cup game ever, back up goal keeper pressed into action when the starter goes down in warmups, lose a forward to a 2nd yellow card to go a man down.. all very good reasons to blame a loss on.

 Yet the Soca Warriors looked to their leaders such as Dwight Yorke as he maned up to drop back to his own in and locked up the Sweeds while Shaka Hislop formed a wall between his posts for those times when Sweeden got something in goal.

So to Maria and the folks from the twin islands, a wink and a toast of some Corrona Punch…

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Amem, Lou, Amem

Posted by David Leslie on June 7, 2006

CNN's Lou Dobbs in his OP-ED pretty much calls a spade a spade when he calls out the election year manipulations being played by the GOP. Then again while Lou is not what I would call a liberal, I'm sure that the Right will say this was an attack job on the GOP ordered by the CNN brass rather than own up to this kind of politics.

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Thanks Adobe

Posted by David Leslie on June 4, 2006

OK, follow this for me

Apple can have print to PDF out of the box. Mac is pretty much the computer du jour in the publishing world.

Open Office can have print to PDF out of the box. OO is gaining love among those looking to get away from MS Office.

Microsoft? They put print to PDF in the Office 2007 beta and Adobe starts getting the anti-trust lawyers on retainer.

Wasn't PDF an open standard? MS yanked the feature and now you'll have to download it once Office 2007 is out. But if it's OK for Apple and OO, what makes MS different if it is an open standard? It's freaking Java all over again. It open until MS wants it, then suddenly the rules change.

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The Return of Rainbow Jell-O

Posted by David Leslie on June 4, 2006

I made it for a church picnic today. Went over well and yes, I was up to 3 am on Sat night / Sunday morning making it. I did crank out a bowl of hummas as well as make toasted pita chips just between the 3 and 4 layers…

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