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So are you happy that al-Zarqawi dead?

Posted by David Leslie on June 13, 2006

I was asked the following question during a family cookout in which we were talking about the meaning of grace and forgiveness of Christ.

My mother-in-law who is a very faithful Christian as well as a Bush supporter said Yes, she was happy he was dead for all the evil he had done in his life.

I’m not so black and white with my answer which is typical for me. First I pointed out that I wasn’t happy he was dead nor was I sad he is dead. The man did things that in the end required this extrem of an action. There is no joy in killing another person even if they are a monster because even when their dead, the pain they caused will still be left. 

This is not to say that good men sit back and do nothing. Had I had the intel as to where al-Zarqawi was operating, I would not hesitate in killing him to prevent him from hurting others..I just wouldn’t be happy or glad that it had to come to that.

As a Christian I also have to be cool with the idea that he’s in Heaven…which is a hard things at times to wrap one head around.

It’s like what Max Lucado once wrote on grace, their isn’t a sin scale. Sin is sin and God’s plan for salvation covers all. That’s tough because we’re very much a socity based on punishment and redemption. Don’t think so? Then look at the top five shows on tv and tell me why we like cop shows so much?

 As I’ve said before, I had a dream once of some islamist radicals, zionist and fundelmentalist christians are all in heaven and all upset that the others are there. It at this time God walks out and tells them that they are all welcomed and that he needed to explain some things to them since they didn’t get the depth and scope of his love while on Earth..


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