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Thanks, Dumb Ass

Posted by David Leslie on June 16, 2006

John Kerry might be the stupidest member of the US Senate. Given how much I feel that Bush just might be the worst President since the end of the depression, Kerry in his post defeat return to his office over over 20 years makes me think that he just might be dumber than Bush.

Case in point, while the GOP in the Senate are trying to explain our support for Iraq during an off year election, again, Kerry runs up an amendment calling for the withdraw of troops by the end of 2007. I swear the man must be like some kind plant by the GOP because

1. He couldn't beat Bush (sure American's have never voted out a President during war but K didn't even make it close)

2. He's been thinking about a run in '08

3. He has money in his war chest since he didn't spent it all from '04. I feel like puking when I get an email from the DNC asking for funds that is signed by K. At least my man John Edwards didn't go back to the Senate and makes me wish that he had been at the top of the ticket the whole time


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